Who Is The Domestic Goddess?

Who am I? I'm Michele, of course! :) An adopted daughter and native of Nashville, I now live with my husband and family in a rural suburb of Philadelphia. I'm a housewife and stay-at-home mother of five; thankfully, I'm able to raise my two youngest children, after my oldest three passed away shortly after birth due to complications of prematurity.  I blog about life after loss on my aptly named blog, My Life After Loss.

The Rantings of a Domestic Goddess began as an homage to my love of homemaking and cooking.  I began in September 2012 by uploading the recipes I'd blogged on My Life After Loss and allowed the site to morph into reviews and just my musings on being a housewife and all around domestic goddess!  In addition to writing nonfiction under my legal name and fiction under a pen name, I am a trained labor doula, childbirth educator, and yoga instructor, and operate Mending Heart Bellies, an organization dedicated to helping parents through miscarriage and pregnancy loss, as well as pregnancy after loss.
I love to eat and have struggled with my weight since my first miscarriage in 2001, ultimately gaining a hundred pounds. In 2010, I took charge and changed my life.  Thanks to running and a healthier lifestyle, I'm not in a much better place, and my cooking reflects this.