Saturday, July 12, 2014

Quick Black Raspberry Jam

We picked up some black raspberries at the market today, so I turned them into an accompaniment for dinner tonight...and breakfast tomorrow!

Over medium-high heat, I combined 1 pint black raspberries  (washed) and cook until bubbly, mashing with a potato masher and stirring well.  I sprinkled in 2 tbsp. sugar  (we didn't want the jam too sweet) and cooked for 5 more minutes before adding 1tbsp corn starch.  I immediately removed from heat and began to \whisk vigorously for 2 minutes before canning it.  (No hot water, just the hot jam in the clean glass jar and putting it in fridge.  It only made 1 jar so I don't want to preserve it long term.)  By the time I went back to get it for dinner tonight, it was fully sealed and popped when opened.)


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